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Having well groomed fingers and toes can improve your self-esteem and give you a boost in confidence. I Love Nails' goal is to make you feel beautiful.

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3025 Ashley Phosphate Rd.
North Charleston, SC, 29418
(At Angie's Hair Studio)
843.580.NAIL (6245)

Welcome to I Love Nails!

You want the latest trends in nail art,
but you dont have the time or patience to do it yourself, and you can't find a salon locally. Look no further. At I love nails you can get the nails you see on celebrities and in the blogs.

You want a place where you can have a pedicure and relax, and not worry "Is this going to be painful?" At I love nails you are our guest. We do not rush you in and out. We communicate with you to fully understand your goals and expectations before each service, so you can relax and be pampered.

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Healthy Nail Tips

  • Wear cuticle oil daily, to ensure you nails look their best. Cuticle oil prevents cuticles from spliting and hang nails.
  • Wearing cuticle oil also keeps the nails flexible underneath polish, gel polish, acrylics, or gels preventing lifting.
  • Avoid picking at or prying off polish, gel polish, acrylics, or gels. This causes a thin layer of the natural nail to peel off, making them weak.